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Cabinet in tulai buoina a ngaituo, political dialogue nei dingin thuthlukna a siem

Thursday, September 24, 2015

/ Posted by Unknown
Imphal, September 24, 2015: State Cabinet chu zani chawhnung dar 3 khan inthungin Bill 3 passed leia buoina suok hai ngaituona an nei. Hi Cabinet meeting hi Chief Minister O Ibobi chair lakna hnuoia nei a nia, hill district haia nunpangngai a aw vat thei dan ding hai an ngaituo a nih.

Cabinet chun tripartite Suspension of Operation (SoO) hnuoia signatories hieng Kuki National Organisation (KNO) le United Peoples Front (UPF) hai leh political dialogue nei dingin an rela, hi le inzawm hin muongna le inremna thataka a um theina dingin Central sawrkawr chun hma hung la ding le hi inbiekna a ding hin interlocutor hai chen hung ruot dinga ngen siem dingin thu an reltluk bawk a nih.

Hi chungthu bak a hin Cabinet chun Manipur Public Service Commission hnuoia combined civil services examination chu kumtina nei ding le annual calendar siema preliminary, mains le viva-voce nei hun ding hai siemfelsa vawnga siem dingin an ti bawk a nih. Cabinet chun tukum sunga dingin MCS - 13, MPS - 16, SDCs - 41, MSSs-4  le 1 Election Officer hai lakna dingin approval a thaw nghal a nih.

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