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BRTF pakhat in accident a tuok

Sunday, September 27, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Parbung,Sept-27,2015 : Dt. 26/8/15 zing dar 10:00AM vel Khan Mr. Lalrorel of Parbung s/o Mr. Zairemthang Lungthulien BRTF a thang chu an lung lakna Parbung khuo hnuoi lai vangduoi thlak takin lung lien due inkuiin a dela, a malpui tuk le a ke parhai a del nawi vawnga tuhin Parbung CHC a um in, doctor haiin theitawp in an buoipui zing, hmunlien lem a enkawl dingin hma an lak mek. (Lalnunthang Songate)

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