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College Admission le inzawma HSA Pune Inhriettirna

Friday, May 15, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Tarik 14/05/2015

Pune khawpuia thiem inchukna BA, BSc, Bcom. le a dang dang inchuk nuom hai ta dingin, College dang dangah admission an hawng tan mek a, thiem inchukna tienga inhnikna nei hai chun admission thaw hun an ta leiin inhriettirna hung pe a, mani a admission inlo thaw theinaw ding khawma a thangpui theitu ding cheu mi tlawmngai an um zing a nih.

College hieng:
Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce,
Abeda College
Fergussion College
Nowrosjee Wadia College of Arts, Science and Commerce
St. Vincent College hai hi tlangmi in ei bel tak hai an ni a, inhnikna nei hai chun veng tieng le Pune tieng a thangpui theitu ding cheu an um zing a nih. Chun sin zawng nuom le inhnikna nei dam inlo um chun thangpui thei ni bawk in tih. Hieng cho lo khawm Rimawi tienga inhnikna nei hai, Law tieng hai, Baibul inchukna tieng le khawlthluoknei (kompiutar) inchukna tieng khawm a huomsa vawng a nih.

Chu el bakah Pune khawpui hi eini Northeast mi hai tading in a ralmuong em em a, khawpui dang hai angin tritthawngna ding a um nawh. A rammi hai (Marathi mi) an fel a, inthat, suollui etc. ti thuthang hriet ding a vang hle bawk anih. Hmar nunghak le tlangval fel tak tak an um a, inruithei chingmi le nungchang thralo an um nawh. Thu le hlaa Pathien chawimawi inhoi an ti a, inremtak le inthuruol takin hma an lak tlang zing bawk anih.
Inhnikna nei hai chun a hnuoi a hai hi contact thei zing an nih.

Tv. Eloy Zairemthang Traite (Ccpur) HSA Asst. Secy.
Immanuel Hrangchal (Pune) HSA President, Pune Branch
Nelson Khawbung (Pune) HSA Advisor
Emanuel Ralsun (Pune)
Education Secy. HSA Pune Branch

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