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VIRTHLI Chief Editor MDC in Candidate a tum

Sunday, April 26, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, April 26,2015: Shri. LRS Puruolte, Social Activist le VIRTHLI (Online Portal News) Chief Editor  ni lai mek chu hung tlung ding June 1, 2015 a Manipur ADC Election um ding a hin New Lamka East Contituency ah ngir ve dingin thuthlukna alo siemfel tah.

Shri. LRS Puruolte hin Independent a ngir a tum am, political party a zawm ding le ding naw thu chu ala sukfel nawa, MDC a ngir a tum nasan tak chu Development inkuongruol taka a um theina ding, India sawrkarin chanvo le hamthatna mipui a pek ang tak a dawngtu ding indik tak ha'n an dawng theina ding, thil ani dan ding taka a um theina dinga hmala tum ani thu le a slogan ding chu "For Equality, Progress and All-round Development in New Lamka (East)" tiin a hril.

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