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Hmar Chief Federation ~ Condemnation

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI

Dated 23/-2/2015

On 22/02/2015 (Sunday) at abot 2PM 3 Vehicles of Assam Rifles fully armed with sophiscated weapons, under the leadership of one Captain Avi from 26th Assam Rifles harassed our Vice President Lalmalsawm, Chief of Muolbem and vandalised his house illegally. The Hmar Chief Federation vehemently condemned the action of 27 AR sector for harassing an innocent civilian, the area is peaceful until AR group disturbed law and order. There has been many incidents like this at Hmar inhabitants before too.

We, the Hmar Chief Federation fervently hope and appeal to higher authorities not to repeat such act of brutality in future.

The Federation resolved that suh disturbances of public peace will be responded with all forms of agitation if it occured again in the Hmar inhabited area.

- Information & Publicity Dept.
Hmar Chief Federation.

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