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Press Release ~ Saikot Sub-Division Demand Committee

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Press Release
(31st  December, 2014)

Thank  You, Shri  Okram Ibobi Singh
Chief  Minister of Manipur: Imphal

 On behalf of the  Saikawt Sub-Division Demand Committee and the general public within the present Saikawt TD Block, respectfully respond to your speech to the gathering at Ngurte village on the occasion of HSA Platinum Jubilee Celebration on 13th December in which you declared that Tuibuong TD Block, Samulamlan TD Block and Saikawt TD Block will be upgraded to the status of Sub-Divisions where there will be an SDO each,

And that the Sub-Divisional Office of the newly upgraded Saikawt Sub-Division will be located at Saikawt Village itself.

We are to say that the Committee and the public jubilantly express our utmost gratitude to you for upgrading the Saikawt TD Block to the status of Sub-Division which will certainly pave the way for overall development of the area.

It is indeed a remarkable/milestone in the history of Saikawt TD Block in particular and the 59th (ST) Saikawt Assembly Constituency in general. It is because of your generosity and sympathetic consideration that the people of Saikawt Sub-Division will move forward in the path of progress and development as par with other Sub-Divisions of our State.

It is our dream and aspiration that you would inaugurate the actual opening of the SDO Office, lay the foundation stone on which all necessary infrastructures are made available for smooth functioning of the Sub-Divisional Office very soon.

Having this goal in view and in anticipation that the Hon’ble Chief Minister will be kind enough to inaugurate the SDO Office at Saikawt, we once gain express our deep appreciation to you.

May the good God endow you with a power to deliver justice without any bias.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/-                                                                                                     Sd/-
(TIMOTHY Z. ZOTE)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (R.LALKAISANG)
      Chairman,                                                                                              Secretary,

Ibobi Singh @ HSA Platinum Jubilee Celebration, Ngurte

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