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Saikot TD Block: The People Grievances and Displeasure

Thursday, December 15, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate


How the Saikot  TD Block was created: The present Saikot Tribal Development Block was created by the government of Manipur by Gazette Order No. 15/11/2003 DEV-P, dated 24th December, 2003 by the Secretary of RD & PR, Government of Manipur in accordance with the order of the Government of Manipur.

Inauguration of the Saikot TD Block: The Saikot TD Block was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Shri O Ibobi Singh on 11th February, 2004 in front of the Saikot Youth Club hall, Churachandpur. The meeting was also attend by Mr TN Haokip, the then Assembly Speaker, Manipur Legislative Assembly, Mr Loken Singh, Minister (RD), and Mr Ngamthang Haokip, Minister, TD, Government of Manipur.

The Present Saikot TD Block: According to Hill House counting 2010-11, here are 39 villages within the Block with 3222 households and a population of 19, 256. Importan places like the ITI, Government high school, hospital/PHC, etc are within the Saikot TD Block. It is one of the 6 Assemby Constituencies in Churachandpur district which have it’s A/C name. Various tribes like the Hmars, Mizo, Paite, Kuki, Zou, Simte and Vaiphei co-exists peacefully but are now left with deep grievances and sadness.

Our Grievances and Apprehension: The Cabinet Meeting on October 29, 2011 have decided to up-grade the Tuibuong and Sangaikot TD Block to the level of SDO Circle and the same item was published in the Sangai Express daily on the 30th October, 2011. When the people of Saikot TD Block heard the news, they were shock, grieved and felt helpless and betrayed by their own MLA.

In Churachandpur district there are 6 Assembly Constituencies, and these A/C have a Sub Division of their name each; namely, Churachandpur SD, Singngat SD, Tipaimukh SD, Thanlon SD, Henglep SD, Except – Saikot A/C! Why? The Saikot Assembly Constituency was created in 1974 and till date is still neglected, why? This ought to make one wonder why these types of discrimination and biased outlook towards a particular A/C? Who is responsible for it?

Why cannot Saikot also have a Sub-Division by its name? What makes it unfit? Discrimination attitude? Population?  The People? Or  the name? The people could not but wonder and ask in pain, why?

Memorandum Submitted: In regards to this matters, the first Memorandum to the  Chief Minister of Manipur was submitted on the 23rd November, 2011 by the SD Demand Committee chairman MR Timothy Z. Zote, Mr David L. Lungtau, Muolvaiphei accompanied by the concern MDC Mr Hrila.

Before meeting the Chief Minister, the delegates meet the concern minister Mr TN Haokip at his office and said, “Sir, are very grateful for the creation of the three new Sub Divisions, namely Tuibuong SD, Sangaikot SD and Vangai SD by the State Cabinet Meeting resolution dated 29th October, 2011. In the meantime, Saikot TD Block was left out and the people would like to know why? So, in order to press our needs and grievances, we have decided to submit a Memorandum to he  Chief Minister regarding the matter, and sir, would you please kindly forward the Memorandum for us to the Hon’ble Chief Minister?”

Mr TN Haokip replied, “Sorry for this time, I cannot help you. Tuibuong is my constituency which have help me in the election, and since it is a ‘give and take policy’, I cannot help you,” The delegates were dump found! The delegate replied, “We are also your constituency and are you trying to discriminate us? Is it provided or mentioned in the Constitution of India that a minister shall not endow or help to develop his/her constituency if the constituency or area does not belong to the Party? IS it written that the Congress should give developmental opportunities only to those who vote Congress?”

Mr TN Haokip replied, “Saikot has a less population than Tuibuong,” Here the delegate point out that, even lesser population like Vangai also have been up-grade and why not Saikot?” At this, the minster responded, “I don’t like to quarrel. That’s enough for today,” and so by saying this, he threw the Memorandum handed over to him at the mail box and left the room! He did not even glance at the Memorandum copy! We are not mentioning all these in order to demean or tarnish Mr TN Haokip; we are just expressing our concern to him because he is like the Father to our constituency – Saikot A/C.

2nd Memorandum: For the second time, the Second Memorandum to the Chief Minister was again submitted through the concern MLA Mr TN Haokip on 5th December, 2011. The delegate consists of Mr Thangsei, Chief of Tonjang and Executive Committee Member, Mr R. Lalkaisang, Secretary and Mr Timothy Z Zote, Chairman of the SSDDC. Mr TN Haokip, this time, glance at the Memorandum and giving it to Mr Khaipao, MDC of Kholmun, he said, “Discuss it with Mr Nehthang, MDC, Mr Ngamhao, MDC and Mr Hrila, MDC in Churachandpur.”

Other Communities’ Support: Even other communities in Churachandpur district like the Zomi Council HQ, Hmar Inpui HQ and the Mizo People Convention, Manipur declared of their support for the creation of the Saikot Sub Division – in written. We, at the same time, request all concern not take the matter as a communal or election matter, it is purely official matter.

Indefinite Bandh: Since the gentlemen approach of the Committee to the State Government has fallen to deaf ear, and despite repeated reminders there is no such action initiated, the SSDDC in its meeting resolution No.9 held on the 14th December, 2011 has resolve to organize a Indefinite Bandh in Churachandpur from 6:00am of the 19th of December, 2011 if the government does not response to Its demand by 18th December, 2011. This Bandh shall not include medical, electricity, press-media, water supply and education departments.

The Committee therefore requested all to kindly support the Bandh for the noble cause demand thereof. It our demand is still not met, we cannot rule out of boycotting the coming State Assemby Election next years!

Therefore, the SSDDC would like to request the people of Churachandpur to support us in our noble cause for the interest of the public! Thank You!





(R. Lalkaisanga)                                                                                                                             (Timothy Z. Zote)

Secretary,                                                                                                                                           Chairman,

Saikot Sub - Division Demand Committee (SSDDC)

Saikot, Churachandpur, Manipur. India.
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