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Manipur Family Welfare hnuoia post chi tum tum a ruok

Friday, September 9, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
1. Department of Family Welfare Service, Manipur hnuoia  Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) Post  43  le Grade-IV  post  12  a ruok. Inhnikna neitu hai chun  September 7 a inthawk Sepatember 9, 2011 chenin office hour sungin  Assistant District Employment Exchange, CCPur  kuoma ngaiven thei ning a tih, tiin zanita District Employment Officer thusuok chun a hril.

2. Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Manipur hnuoia  Post chi tum tum hieng a hnuoia mi hai hi a ruok.

1. Programme Manager (SARA) Post 1 (Gen)

2. Programme Officer (SARA) Post 1 (Gen)

3. Accountant (SARA) Post 1  (Gen)

4. Programme Assistant (SARA) Post 1 (Gen)

5. Manager/Coordinator (SARA) Post 4 (General)

6. Social  Worker cum- Early Childhood Education (Female)- SSA Post 4  (ST-1/Gen-3

7. Nurse (SSA) Post 4  (ST-1/Gen-3)

8.  Asst.  cum-Data Entry  Operator  (Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) Post 6 (ST-2, OBC-1, Meetei-3)

9.  Asst.  cum  Data  Entry  Operation  (Child Welfare  Committee  (CWC)  Post  6    (ST-2/OBC-1, Metei-3

Hieng sin suok haia inhnikna neihai chun   September  9,  2011  chen  khin  office  hour sungin  District Employment  Officer,  CCPur Office-ah thu chieng lem kan le hriet thei ning a tih tiin District Employment Officer, CCPur thusuok chun a hril.


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