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Shillong Chamber Choir all set to tour N. America

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
SHILLONG, August 9th, 2011: The Shillong Chamber Choir (SCC) is all set to make a debut in North America during the festival to be held in Canada later this month.

The SCC will be performing at the Harbour Front Centre, Toronto during North America’s largest South Asian festival Masala! Mehndi! Masti! 2011 on August 20.

The group are expected to rock the Indian population residing in Toronto during the festival with many of the popular Bollywood numbers.

The SCC would be performing along alongside artists from various parts of the world.

Bollywood celebrity Abhay Deol, who starred in the recent blockbuster Jindagi Na Milegi Do Bara would also be part of the event as his movies would be screened during the festival.

When asked about this debut in North America, SCC leader Neil Nongkynrih said that this is the first time the group would be performing in North America.

“I hope this will be a wonderful experience for the whole group since they are going to perform in a place where they have never performed,” Nongkynrih told The Shillong Times here on Monday.

He said that the SCC would be performing a slew of Bollywood numbers in the festival.

Besides the Bollywood numbers which they have performed during the India’s Got Talent-2, the SCC leader said they would also be singing some Bollywood numbers like Yaadon Ki Baraat, Dil Hai Chota Sa (Roja) among others. Those who have heard the Choir croon these numbers in operatic style say the songs sound out of this world. “The SCC is sure to wow the audience in North America,” they said.

Replying to a query, Neil said the group are enjoying this transformation of shifting from popular western rock, soul and jazz to performing popular, lilting Bollywood numbers, rewritten to suit the Choirs’ forte. Neil does not simply lift the songs wholesale. He innovates and adds his personal touch to them.

“I am excited with this new transformation. I am here to play good music. I do not mind playing Bollywood numbers if they have a popular appeal, ” Neil said.

It may be recalled that the SCC had come into the limelight by winning the last edition of India’s Got Talent-2 in 2010. The group had rocked the Indian audience by their performance of some popular Bollywood numbers during the IGT-2.

When asked if there are any changes in the life of the members of the SCC after wining the IGT-2, Neil said that nothing has really changed.

“The Choir is a cohesive group, living simple, humane lives. The only difference is that now we have become more popular and get invited to perform across the country and abroad” he said.


~The Shillong Times

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