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Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations Assert Control Over Rallies and Agitations

Monday, November 27, 2023

/ Published by VIRTHLI

November 27, 2023 (Virthli): In a recent press statement, the Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations (TNWL, TSL, TMNL, TKS) have declared that they will not permit any organization or forum to organize rallies or agitations within the Tangkhul Naga areas without prior consultation with them. The notification emphasizes the organizations' dedication to promoting peaceful coexistence and their commitment to remaining neutral in the ongoing communal crisis.

The Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations play a significant role in representing and safeguarding the interests of the Tangkhul Naga community. Through this press statement, they assert their authority in guiding the course of actions taken within their jurisdiction during this period of ongoing conflicts.

It is important to note that the organizations' warning against non-compliance with this notification is clear. They will not tolerate any unwarranted situations that may arise from disregarding their directive. Failure to adhere to the consultation requirement will be seen as willful defiance, warranting stern action from the Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations.

This press statement serves as a reminder to all organizations and forums involved in addressing the ongoing conflicts that the Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations must be consulted and involved in any activities conducted within their jurisdiction. 

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