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Assam State pumpuia topper niin hnesaw takin MS a zo

Friday, August 7, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Silchar, August 07, 2020, Virthli(ONP): Dr. Nathanael Sungte, S/o Pu Lalringum Sungte, Saron, Mahur, Dima Hasao District, Assam, Silchar Medical College-a Master of Surgery -MS (Orthopaedics) inchûk mek chu Assam state pumpuia topper niin hnesaw takin M.S. chu a lo zo tah.

Dr. Nathanael hin 2015 khan Gauhati Medical College a'nthawk MBBS a zo a, kum khat Mahur Block PHC-ah Medical Officer sin a thaw hnungin M.S hi a'n chûk a nih. Tuta topper nina hlawtlingna a chang hi Assam sûnga medical college pathum, hieng Gauhati Medical College, Dibrugarh Medical College le Silchar Medical College haia doctor inchûklai thiem tak tak hai lekhêla a chang a nih.

Tuhin, Silchar Medical College ah Orthopaedic Surgeon sin a thaw sunzawm mek.

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