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COVID-19 le inzawmin EFCI GHQ in a Kohran mipui hai kuoma inhriettirna a siem

Thursday, March 19, 2020

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Shillong, March 19, 2020, Virthli(ONP): Tulaia hri inlêng COVID-19 (Corona Virus) le inzawmin Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI) General Headṭuarters chun a kohran mipui hai kuoma inhriettirna a hnuoi ang hin a siem.


General Headquarters
Demthring, Madanriting -793021 
Shillong, Meghalaya, India 

March 18, 2020

World Health Organization (WHO) chun COVID-19 (Corona Virus) chu khawvêl pumpui huopa natna hri inlêng (pandemic) in a puong a. Hi natna hri inkai sawng awlsamtak lâka inthawka invêng le him tlâng thei dân ding ding India sawkâr-in thusuok a siem angin, March 18, 2020 - April 18, 2020 sûng pova dingin a hnuoia ang hin Kohran mipuihai hmang le zâwm tlâng seng dingin inhriettirna le ngenna kan hung siem.

1. EFCI Kohran sûnga mipui pungkhawm theina chi hrim hrim hieng: Conference, Training, Retreat, Camping, Workshop, Crusade, Consultation, Seminar, Meet, Presbytery/Mission Field Level Committee, etc., chu Local, Presbytery, Mission Field le Biel pumpui huopa nei ninaw sien.

2 EFC1 Kohran hminga India ram sûng le India ram puotienga rawngbâwlna le inzawmin inzin suok ninaw sien.

3. Evangelist At-large, Child Evangelists, Youth Coordinator, Women's Coordinator, Music Promoter & Instructor hai program an siem ta sa khawm la postponed hri vawng ding le hi hun sûng hin mani station senga um dinga inhriettir an nih.

4. Circle Pastor/Awptu Pastor hai khawm thiemtaka program siem ding le Kohran hai ta dinga tam nawk zuola tawngtaina nei dinga inhriettir an nih.

5. Local (tto/sting) Pathien Biekin inkhâwm ruokchu Local (Tuolsûng) Kohran tin zalenna nîng a tih.

6. COVID-I9 lâka inthawk ei invêng le him theina dingin vântlâng puipungkhawmna hmuna ṭhang lo, inhnai taluoa inbiek le um or um bum lo (social distancing) a ṭha.

7. Mani taksa, thuomhnaw, in kawl le kieng hai sukfai uluk in, fâk le dâwn fîmkhur ding.

8. Kohran mimal tin, Khawtlang le Ram hi natna hri COVID-19 a inthawka ei him theina dingin Kohranhai tam nawkzuola ṭawngṭaina nei dingin ei in ngen a nih.

9. COVID-19 le inzawma India Sawrkâr tluongpui thusuok le mani umna state senga sawrkâr thusuok ngaiven le zawm ngei tum ding a nih.

10. Pathien umpuina, venghimna, ṭhangpuina le thlamuongna in reng kuomah um raw se (Sâm 91).

Issued by:
Executive Commmittee
Evangelical Free Church of India

English Version


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) to be pandemic. In light of this, the Indian Government, too, has issued an advisory to the states to help them prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The Evangelical Free Church of India, today (March 18, 2020) is hereby issuing this notice to be effective from today until April 18, 2020 with the expectation that all our churches adhere to this:

1. All public gatherings within the EFCI (local, Presbytery, Mission Fields, etc) such as conferences, Training programs, Retreats, Camps, Workshops, Crusades, Consultations, Seminars, Meets, Presbytery/Mission Field level Committees., etc., be cancelled or postponed.

2. All official trips within India and to foreign countries in the name of EFCI should not be undertaken.

3. Programs that have already been made by the Evangelists at Large, Child Evangelists, Youth Coordinator, Women's Coordinator, Music Promoter and Music Instructor need to be postponed and these workers are to return to their respective stations.

4. Circle Pastors and Local Church Pastors are requested to arrange their programs carefully and also to encourage the congregations to be ever more prayerful.

5. As pertaining to local church worship services, they are given the freedom to gather but cautiously.

6. Social distancing must be taken seriously and practiced by all to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

7. Everyone must maintain good personal and public hygiene as relating to food and drink, personal cleanliness, and of their surroundings.

8. All members are requested to pray in earnest so that the Lord will protect all of us from the Covid-19 virus and its affects.

9. We are all asked to adhere to the advisory and directives given by our respective state governments concerning the Covid-19 virus.

10. May God be with you and protect you, help you and give you peace (Psalm 91).

Issued by:
The Executive Committee,
Evangelical Free Church of India
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