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Hmarkhawlien a Tribute Concert hlawtling taka nei

Thursday, November 8, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Hmarkhawlien, November 08, 2018, Virthli (ONP): ICI Hmarkhawlien Local sunga Pastor le Kohran Upa fam lo chang tah hai puola an i buotsai Tribute Concert chu vawizan dar 6:30 khan Thalai In Hmarkhawlien ah hmang tan a nih. Tv. Joshua Lalrawngbawl, Nk. Ramthienghlim le Baby Lalremsiem haiin program hnesaw takin an keihruoi. Hun hmasa tieng Pastor Songrokhum in hun hawng tawngtaina a nei a, Program introduction le Biography speech Upa Herald Brown in a nei a, Nk. Lalhmunmawi in TRIBUTE SONG "Mihrang an kim ta nawh" ti hla in mipui an awi.

Rev. HP Runremthang YCO, ICI in Condolence Prayer le Gospel Message hrilna a nei a, Chief Guest Pu Lalringum Sanate ainthawk thuhril tawi ngaithlak ani bawk a nih. Program hmang sung hin Guest Artists Pu PBK Liankhuma, Nk. Quilyn Lalrovel (Rev. Thangngur Awardee 2015), Nk. Lalhmunmawi (Rev. Thangngur Awardee 2016), Tv. Lallukhum Neitham, Nk. Mercy Songate, Nk. Lily Lalparmawi le Pi Nienglawmkim Sungte haiin hlain mipui an in awi.

Guest Artists, Pastor le Kohran Upa fam lo chang tah hai ngaihruina memento inhlan an nih. Vote of thanks KTP chairman Pu Joseph Lalhrietzing in neiin Hun kharna Pastor Songrokhum in a neia Program dit khawp lo takin suk tawp a nih. Hi Tribute Concert hi zinga zan hin sunzawm la ni nawk a tih.

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