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Saikot Youth Club in Oct. 23 ah Diamond Jubilee lawmna hun hmang ding

Monday, October 22, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPur: October 23, 2018, 11:30AM hin Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee hmalaknain Saikot Playground, CCPur-ah Saikot Youth Club (SYC) chun an kum 60 tlingna Diamond Jubilee lawmna hun hmang an tih.

Hi le inzawm hin nasa taka inbuotsai a nih.SYC Golden Jubilee lawmna hun a hin Outer Manipur Lok Sabha MP Pu Thangso Baite chu Chief Guest in ṭhang a ta, Pu T.N. Haokip, MLA, 59-Saikot A/C & President, MPCC le Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing hai chu Guest of Honour le Functional President in ṭhang bawk an tih.

Golden Jubilee lung daw a um khawm hi hun a Chief Guest in hawng a ta. Jubilee lawmnahin School contingents ha'n march pass nei an ta, mikhuollien haia inthawk le Saikot lalpa a inthawk thuhril ngaithlak a umin Souvenir tlangzarna um a ta, Mr. Joseph M. Pakhuongte in hla sak bawk a tih. Chun, Jubilee lawmna le inzawma SYC in Golden Jubilee Football Tournament a huoihawt final inkhel ning a ta. Jubilee football final match chu 2:30 PM in kick-off a ni ding a nih. Final kheltu ding hai chu Children's Home Saikot FC le Hmunṭha ning an tih.

Programme kimchang lem chu hi ang hi ning a tih:

- Cum -

Venue: Saikot Playground
Date & Time : 23rd October 2018, 11:30 AM

Detail Programme

• Compere :Mr. Lalrosiem Ṭhiek & Miss Sylvia Ṭhiek
• Welcome address: Miss Canny Lalsanhim
• Unveiling of Diamond Jubilee Stone: Chief Guest
• Dedication & Thanksgiving Prayer: Rev. Dr. Huolthanglur, EAL, RPC NEI
• Sounding of Jubilee Bell
• March Pass : School Contingent
• Souvenir Release: Guest of Honour
• Short Speech: Chief of Saikot
• Special No.: Mr. Joseph M. Pakhuongte
• Greetings: V.A, Val-Upa, Ladies
• Speech :
1. Functional President
2. Guest of Honour
3. Chief Guest
• Vote of thanks : Mr. Ramsanlien Hmar, Chaiman, SYC
• Closing Prayer: Rev. Lalhmingthang Famhoite, P.S., EFCI, Saikot Presbytery.

Football Final 2:30 PM
Kick Off
Functional President: Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing (MPCC)
Inspection of Team by Guests

- Lrs Puruolte
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