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Kindergarten, Happy Heart School in 'Teach Peace' ti thupui a neiin Fun Learning Week an hmang

Friday, July 13, 2018

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, July 13, 2018; Virthli (ONP): Kindergarten, Happy Heart School, Bethel, CCPur chun FLW (Fun Learning Week) Celebration 2018 chu July 13, 2018 dar 10:30 AM khan kum tin thupui nei a an huoihawt hlak angin tu kum khawm 'Teach Peace' thupui a neiin tulai khawvel enin ei society a muongna (peace) a um theina dingin naupang inchûklaihai an chintet a inthawka inchûktirna dingin ursun taka recitation, lam, hla le skits haia tarlangna hun an huoihawt a nih. Comperes- Master Lhunminthang, Class - IV le Miss Lamneiphal, Class - IV haiin FLW hi kum naupangte ni hai sienla khawm English hnesaw takin an kei ṭhuoi a, lawm an hlaw hle.

Kindergarten, Happy Heart School
FLW (Fun Learning Week) Celebration 2018



Time, 10 . 30 am

Comperes, Lhunminthang, Class - IV and Lamneiphal, Class - IV

Invocation Prayer: Rev. Alan Thiek
Opening Song, School Choir, Light a candle for peace
Speech, Ms. Lilypar, HoD
Tribute to Mattie J T Stepanek , A Poem Recitation by Hannah, Class 1 Choreography, The Dazzlers
We are family. Choreography by Preparatory students
Get Together: Group song by Teachers
Hip Hop Dance, The Hip Hoppers
Anti — Bullying, A Short skit by the School Drama Society
Give Peace a chance, a Pantomime, Peace Messengers
The School Choir
Poem Recitation by Princess, Class 11
Closing Song, Sir Richard
Closing prayer, The Lord's Prayer

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