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Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Managers' Meeting nei; April 3, 2018 in Opening

Sunday, April 1, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
CCPUR: April 1, 2018, Virthli (ONP): Vawisun chawhnung dar 1-3 PM inkar khan The 15th Manipur State Level-Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2018 (football tournament) April 3-May 16, 2018 a Saikot Playground, Saikot Sub-Division, CCPur a hung um ding leh inzawmin Saikot Playground Pavillion ah hi tournament a ṭhang ding team/club Manager/Representative hai le Organiser, Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Organising Board (HMARTOB) haiin Managers' Meeting an nei. Pu Lalvullien Hmar (Chairman, HMARTOB) in thuhma hrilna a nei zoin hun hawng ṭawngṭaina Pu Lalhrietzing Famhoite (Vice Chairman, HMARTOB) in a nei a, hi zo hin Organiser hai a dawt dawt a inhmelhrietna Chairman, HMARTOB hin a nei a, Match Commissioner tieng a'nthawk Pu Isak Singson in team/club Manager/Representative hai lawmlutna, chibai bukna le ditsakna a'nhlan zoin Rules and Regulations chungchang hrilfiena le hrilhrietna a nei a, chu zoin indawnna le dawnna hun hawng a umin, hril nuom nei ha'n hrilna hun hawng le hriet ding ṭul zuol hai puongna nei a nih. Hi tournament a hin Team/Club 29 suokin Pool 8 a ṭhe a nih. Team/Club tinin anni Pool ding seng lekha an pawt a nih. Opening Ceremony puithu takin April 3 in um a ta, Opening hi Pool 'A' a Zenhang Lamka Youth Club (ZLYC) le Zarkin FC hai inkhel an ta, Opening ni in Round Khat cho um a ta, Next day a inthawk, round hni pei um a tih. Chun, Opening Day a hin Fixture sem dawkna um bawk a tih. Match duration chu League ah 35+10+35 mins, Knockout 40+10+40 mins le
Quarter Final a'nthawk 45+10+45 mins ning a tih tiin Match Commissioner/HMARTOB chun thusuok an siem.

Hi Managers' Meeting hi hun khar ṭawngṭaina Pu Lalvulien Hmar in a nei zoin hun suktawp a nih.

Pool inṭhe ṭhawp dan chu hieng ang hi a nih:

1. Zenhang Lamka YC
2. Neitham Brothers FC
4. Zarkin FC

1. Leisen FC
2. YOYO Brothers
3. Pherzawl District FC
4. Saikot YC (B)

1. United Khawzim Brothers
2. FC Zotal
3. Vengnuam United Sporting (VENUS)
4. Chelsea Fans Club

1. Tuiring FC
2. Saidan YC
3. FC Pallai
4. Buoina FC

3. FC Ridil
4. Saikot YC (A)

1. Konsham FC
2. Korte Brothers
3. Khawpuibung FC

1. Ganggam SC
2. Zawnglai FC
3. The Foxes

1. Lamka SC
2. FC Rengkhawpui
3. Thenmuol FC

The 15th Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Opening Ceremony Programme 2018 chu hieng ang hi ning a tih.

The 29th Hmar Martyrs’ Day Obervance
The 15th Manipur State Level Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy
Opening Ceremony

Venue: Saikawt Playground, Saikawt
Churachandpur, Manipur
The 3rd April, 2018
1:00PM (Arrival of Public)
1:30PM (Arrival of Guests)

Chief Guest: Pu S.Khamthang, Special Contractor
Guest of Honour: Pu Roland Ralsun, Special Contractor
Functional President: Pu James Cole, Chief of Saikawt
Chief Host: Pu Ramsangthang Infimate, Chief of Pherzawl

Lawmnakim Hrangate
Opening Song: Aw Kan Hmar Ram
Opening Prayer: Pastor Lalrohlu Puruolte, EFCI
Welcome Address: Lawmnakim Hrangate
Special No: Roselyn Lalumpui, International Singer
Presentation: Mr Lalvullien Hmar, Charman, HMARTOB
Special No: Merlyn Varte
Chief Host
Functional President
Guest of Honour

Special No: Roselyn Lalumpui, International Singer
Flag Hoisting 7 Speech: Chief Guest
Special No: Merlyn Varte
Closing Prayer: Rev Lalngailien, RPC
Kick Off: Chief Guest

Lawmman chu Winners: INR 1,00,000/- le Runners-Up: INR 60,000/-, Semi-Finalists: INR 10,000 seng le Individual ah lawmman chi dang dang umsa bawk a tih.

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