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FC Ridil in Thanksgiving Day a hmang; Virthli Photographer hai Memento inhlan ve

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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CCPUR, May 24, 2017; Virthli (ONP): The 14th Manipur State Level-Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Football Tournament 2017 April 5-May 16 a HMARTOB in a huoihawt huna Semi-Finalist FC Ridil chun Thanksgiving Day May 24, 2017 zantieng dar 3 PM khan J3 Garden, Hmarveng, CCPur ah an hmang. Hi huna hin FC Ridil tadinga mi tlawmngai le thahnemngai hai, partner, co-partner, donor, media partner le an player hai kuomah lawmthu hrilna'n Memento mawi tawk tak el an inhlan. Chief Guest in Pu John Thanglienmang, AE, PHED, CCPur le Guest of Honour in S. Zothanga LDC, PHED, CCPur hai an thang a, Chief Guest le Guest of Honor haia inthawk thu tha tak tak ngaithlak a nih. Chief Guest chun FC Ridil chu thla chaua upa la nisienlakhawm hieng ang chen chen intlung thei hi inpak in um tak zet tiin a hril a, hmatieng peia inhrepaw pei ding le ama hi Muvanlai Club a Board a ni a, anni Club leh khawm thangkawp pei a nuom thu hai a hril. Pathien kuoma tawngtaia lawmthu hrilna (Thanksgiving Prayer) chu Pastor L. Robert Songate, Area Pastor, PRCNEI, Phairam Dist., in a nei a. Programme hmangzoin hlim taka bu faktlangna nei a nih.

Hi hun a hin The 14tn MSL-Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Football inkhel huna FC Ridil in Media Partner a a hmang Virthli Team khawm fiel ve niin Virthli Photographer Dannies Buhril le Muona Infimate hai khawm Chawimawina le Lawmthuhrilna'n Memento inhlan ve an nih. FC Ridil hi March 25, 2017 a kha indin, "United We Stand" ti thupui a neia football hmanga Pathien le hnam rawngbawl tum an nih. Virthli Chief Admin khawm hi FC Ridil a hin Promoter & Goodwill Ambassador a hmang a nih. FC Ridl hi tuta Manipur a Hmar Martyrs' Trophy Football Tournament khel zo tah a khan Team 33 hai laia rihau hau pawl le fans hau pawl nia hril an nih. Hienganga Virthli an hung hrietfuk le an ngaina hi Virthli chu an chung ah ei lawm hle.

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