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Hmar leaders resign in protest against administration's apathy

Friday, June 26, 2015

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Silchar, June 25: In order to discuss the unpleasant incidents following the sudden attack of the Pnars of Boro Kumpi village on the simple and innocent Hmars living in the village of Choto Kumpi on June 2, 2015 without any provocation. The organized and mob attack did not have any plausible causes. According to knowledgeable circles, the planned attack by the Pnars was land dispute between the two communities.

 Gideon Lalchomlien Hmar, president, Hmar Supreme House, Barak Valley said that as no action was taken against the culprits involved in the unprovoked attack on Hmars, all the frontline leaders of different organizations which include Hmar Inpui, Barak Valley Region, Hmar National Union, Assam, Hmar Students’ Association, Barak Valley, Hmar Youth Association, Hmarkhawlien Branch have tendered their resignation in protest against the indifferent attitude of the police and sub-divisional administration. He made it clear if after that anything untoward happened centring round the June 2 incident.

 It is also surprising that the SDO (civil) who was approached for finding a solution to the dispute refused to take any initiative. Though FIR was lodged at Joypur police station on the day of incident itself, no action till date has been taken to arrest the accused persons. In order to shake up the apathy of the police and the administration, a massive protest procession by the Hmars was taken on June 12. Still, no action was taken against the accused named in the FIR.

 This biased and indifferent attitude of the sub-divisional police officer, L Thangma, vice president, Hmar Supreme House, said it was clear that the Hmars have no more to look to be police or administration for justice. Nor did the ADC of Cachar M K Das take any action. Rather, as alleged, he showed his favour for the Pnar community and put the Hmar community on the dock. He reportedly held out that if in future any untoward incident occurred, the Hmar leaders will be held responsible. It is to be mentioned that Pnar community is a tribe of Jaintia.

 Following the threat held by the ADC, Hmar leaders have tendered their resignations today from their respective responsibilities of different organizations represented by them. It was also alleged by the Hmar organizations that no relief materials came to the help of displaced Hmars of Choto Kumpi following the June 2 incident. The Hmars affected by the attack have been sheltered in Union High School without any basic facilities. Around 17 families are there without any proper food, compensation and rehabilitation.

 Hmar leaders in unison expressed their dissatisfaction at the inept handling of the entire incident of June 2 and subsequently amicable solution to the dispute which is still brewing and might erupt again. Against this backdrop, Hmar leaders have been left with no other option but to resign en-mass. Hmar leaders have further made their stand clear on the ground if any incident happened in future, they will have no responsibility. Nor will they bear any responsibility.

 These developments have been brought to the notice of the media-persons today at a press-meet held in the premises of pineapple factory, Hmarkhawlien, located around 50 km from here. Those who addressed the media-persons included Gideon Lalchomlien Hmar, L Thangma, T Sanghkhum, president, Hmar National Union, L Thanmawia Pajamte,vice president, and Jerome Khawjawl, secretary, Hmar Inpui, Barak Valley Region, Lalhlimsang, secretary, Hmar National Union and leaders of other organizations.

Source: The Sentinel
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