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Memo to Mizoram CM by Sinlung Hills All Party Leaders Commitee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

/ Published by Simon L Infimate

Pu Lal Thanhawla

The Hon’ble Chief Minister,


Subject: Representation on behalf of the people of Hmar Peoples Convention (HPC) demand area and the public declaration on the occasion of Peace Rally organised by All Party Leaders Committee, Sinlung Hills, Mizoram at Sakawrdai, Saiphai and Suangpuilawn, on the 25th August 2011.


Hon’ble Sir,

In order to bring an amicable solution to the problems arising out of the demands of the Hmar People’s Convention (HPC), Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) was signed between the Government of Mizoram and the Hmar Peoples Convention on the 27th July 1994. As a result, the law and order situation in the HPC demand area has improved to a great extent. The people of the area are thankful to you for your past effort. However, unsatisfied with the 1994 agreement, the Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) was formed in order to bring home the pressing demands and aspirations of the people of the area in general and that of the Hmars in particular. A memorandum in this regard (dated 17th November 2009) has been submitted to you. We also appreciate the initiative of the Village Council (V/C) Coordination Committee in creating a conducive atmosphere for peace talk between the Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) (HPC-D) and the Government. We are also happy with the response of your government in this regard.

However, due to the non-implementation of the points as enshrined in the MoS after a gape of 17 years, there has been lots of resentment and dissatisfaction in the minds of the people. Moreover, due to intermittent disruption of normalcy and the existence of violence, the people of the HPC demand area lived in constant fear and insecurity. The people of the area have also appealed to the HPC-D not to indulge in any act of violence and not to create a sense of fear and insecurity in the minds of the people.

With an aim to prevent the further deterioration of law and order situation and for existence of lasting peace and tranquillity in the HPC demand area in particular and the whole state in general, the All Party  Leaders Committee, Sinlung Hills organised Peace Rally on the 25th August 2011 at Sakawrdai, Suangpuilawn and Saiphai villages, Mizoram. The public resolution on the day of the Peace Rally are as given below:

On this day, the 25th August 2011, we the participants of the PEACE RALLY organised by the All Party Leaders Committee at Sakawdai, Suangpuilawn and Saiphai villages have unanimously decided to appeal to the Government of Mizoram and the Government of India on the following points.

  1. We are pained and disheartened by the fact that more than 17 years after the signing of Memorandum of Settlement between the Government of Mizoram and Hmar People’s Convention (HPC) on the 27th July 1994, the accord has not been implemented in letter and spirit.

  2. We strongly feel that, unsatisfied with the 1994 accord which was devoid of lasting peace and harmony, the HPC (D) is up in arms thereby creating disruptive atmosphere in the HPC demand area. The State Government and the Central Government must sit for a political dialogue with the HPC(D) for the existence of lasting peace and harmony in the area.

  3. While Mizoram is celebrating the 25 years of Peace Anniversary (1986-11), the people in Sinlung Hills area are living in constant fear and insecurity. And in line with the appeal of the Government to the public to selflessly sacrifice oneself for the protection of peace and harmony, we now appeal to the Government to take in their part all necessary action for the peaceful settlement of all issues.

We herby request you to sincerely look into the plight of the people expressed through this resolution and take all necessary action in resolving all conflicts arising out of the demands of the HPC (D)



Yours faithfully




( H.ZOLIANA)                                                                                                       ( LALNEIHTHANGA)

Secretary                                                                                                                       Chairman

All Party Leaders Committee                                                                            All Party Leaders Committee

Sinlung Hills                                                                                                                   Sinlung Hills

Mizoram                                                                                                                          Mizoram




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