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HSLC Exam dan (system) thlakthleng ding

Friday, July 30, 2010

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
IMPHAL: Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) chun HSLC Examination, 2011 a inthawk Exam dan (system/Scheme) thlakthleng a tum. Chu dungzui chun External (Board) Examination- ah marks 80 le Internal Assessment by the schools marks 20 ning a ta, External Examination-ah pass mark 20 ning a ta, Internal assessment a subject pakhata pass mark 8 ning a ta, sienkhawm candidate in a renga belkhawmin 33% marks a hmu a ngai ding.. HSLC Exam, 2010 a failed, HSLC Exam, 2011 a subject po po a Exam tha nuomhai chun an kaina School sengah August 31, 2010 chenin an in admit thar ngai a ta, School han exam tha dinghai list September 4, 2010 chenin Board-ah an peklut tul a tih. Examination form fill up huna internal assessment-a studenthai mark hmuzat peklut ngai bawk a tih. HSLC (Supplementary Exam, 2011 ah 2010 a failed hai (one time only) le HSLC (Old Course) Exam , 2011 ah 2010 a failed-hai le a hmaa Board Exam a lo thanghai Exam thei an ta, hi Exam hi a tawpna ding ani tah.-HT
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