CCpur, March 13, 2016 (Virthli): Tribal Movement ni 200 tlingna le inzawma Joint Action Committee (Against Anti-Tribal Bills) in CCpur sunga Total Shutdown a puong chu HSA CCpur JHQ in thul dingin JAC inhriettirna an pek.

HSA CCPur JHQ hin 22nd February khan Press Release siemin BoSEM & CoHSEM hnuoia exam hai zofel ani hma po chu Bandh, strike le exam chawkbuoi thil hai huoihawt lo dingin mipui le sawrkar thuneitu hai kuoma ngenna alo siem tah a nih. HSA CCPur JHQ in JAC hai lekha an pekna a chun HSA thu insuo inza lova Total Shutdown hi fethlengpui ani chun JAC a HSA ngirhmun chu en that ngai dingin an hrila, Tribal Martys hai an inza hle thu hai an hril bawk a nih.

The Chief Convenor,
Joint Action Committee (Against Anti-Tribal Bills)

Subject: Request for postponing of 15 hours Total Shutdown by JAC


Most humbly and respectfully, as per an appeal made by the Hmar Students' Association Churachandpur Joint Headquarters to the general public and organization dated 22" February, 2016, the HSA CCPur Joint Hqtrs. would like to request the JAC formed against the anti-tribal bills to postpone the 15 hours Total Shutdown in Churachandpur District from midnight of 17th March to 18th March 3:00 PM, 2016 until the BoSEM & CoHSEM Examinations 2016 are over and undermining the appeal made by us in the 22nd February, 2016 will compel us to reconsider our participation in the JAC if our request is not fulfilled within two day's time.

The HSA CCPur Jt. Hqtrs. pay homage to the Nine Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary Information & Publicity
Hmar Students' Association
Churachandpur Joint Headquarters

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