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D.R. Thuoma Memorial Trophy Update

Thursday, January 17, 2019

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Patpuihmun, Janauary 17, 2019, Virthli (ONP):  D.R. Thuoma Memorial Stadium, Patpuihmun, Vangai Range Sub-Divisional Hqtrs., Pherzawl District hmuna Pherzawl District Sports’ Association (PDSA) huoihawtna hnuoia Vangai-Sumtuk Lal- D.R. Thuoma Memorial Football Tournament femek a results chu ahnuoia ang hi a nih.

January 16, 2019 Match Results:
1. Phulpui YC  v/s Ankhasuo YC
      Result: Phulpui YC 1-3 Ankhasuo YC

2. Patpuihmun YC v/s Ralngam FC
Result: Patpuihmun 0-3 Ralngam FC

3. Ngampabung YC v/s Tuisen FC
Result: Ngampabung YC 1- 3 Tuisen FC

4. Sartuinek YC v/s Khangbawr YC
Result: Sartuinek YC 1- 0 Khangbawr YC

January 17, 2019 Match Result:
1. Patpuihmun JFC v/s Kangreng YC
Result: Patpuihmun JFC  0- 9 Kangreng YC

2. Ankhasuo v/s  Tuisen FC
Result: Ankhasuo 0- 4 Tuisen FC

3. Ngampabung YC v/s  Phulpui YC
Result: Ngampabung YC 2- 2 Phulpui YC

4. Sartuinek YC v/s Taithu YC
Result: Sartuinek YC 3- 4 Taithu YC

Tu chena top scorer chu Tv. Ela of Kangreng YC niin game khat ah goal 6 a thun tah. Pherzawl District Sports’ Association (PDSA) in a huoihawt Vangai Sumtuk Lal- D.R. Thuoma Memorial Trophy 2019 hi  Tv. Muona Infimate / Virthli (ONP) photographer- in coverage a hung thaw mek a, match result le thlalak ennuom hai ta dingin ah mitin en thei dingin hung insuo pei ning a tih. 

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