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All Jiribam Tribal Union (AJTU) Press Release on Adhaar Enrollment

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Dated 28/03/2018

The All Jiribam Tribal Union expressed its discontentment against the District Authority, Jiribam for imposing certain rules for Adhaar Enrollment which is not according to the criteria given by the Goverment of India.It is learned that many Tribal citizens with their Voter I.D went to the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Jiribam for Adhaar Enrollment due to the ongoing verification process of Indigenous people of the state.However, they were sent back many times for not producing some documents like Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC), Electricity Bills, Domicile etc. On hearing many grievances from the tribal Villagers, All Jiribam Tribal Union sent their representatives along with some villagers to the D.C office on 28th of March 2018 to help the Adhaar Enrollment process. It happen that the Police personnels in the D.C office question them the purpose of their coming. After knowing that they come for Adhaar Enrollment the police personnel asked for PRC, Electricity bills, and voter I.D unless they cannot Enroll Adhaar.

It brings to the knowledge to the District Authority and Goverment of Manipur that 80 Percent of Tribals villages have been paying Hills house tax and is not a pattadar. Therefore many tribals are facing difficulties of acquiring PRC and Domicile. Many tribal resident have no electricity connection and it is impossible to produce electricity bills. However the criteria for Adhaar Enrollment is producing any of the document like Voter ID,PAN card, Ration Card etc. Any citizen can enroll if they can produce any one document.

All Jiribam Tribal Union expressed its discontentment for the ill treatment meted out to the innocent Tribal citizen of Jiribam. It is also appealed to the District Authority, Jiribam to look into the matter and take up necessary measures for the interest of the Tribal people in Jiribam.

Many Tribal villages have been residing in Jiribam for more than 100 Years but their are lightly to be infringed. The Union will take a Strong stand to protect the rights and interest of Tribal people and will go for intense agitation till the matter is addressed by the concern authority.

L.Remkung Changsan
All Jiribam Tribal Union

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