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PDDC in Pherzawl District HQ sir dingin CM an fiel

Saturday, May 13, 2017

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCpur, May 13, 2017, Virthli (ONP): Pherzawl Development Demand Committee (PDDC) chun thusuok siemin Chief Minister Pu N. Biren Singh sawrkarin anti-tribal bill le inzawma buoina an chingfel thua lawmum an ti thu an hril bakah Chief Minister chu Pherzawl District Headquarters sir dingin an fiel nghal bawk a nih. Mipui hai harsatna CM in a hrietthiem ngei thei na dingin tiin PDDC chun CM chu by road ngeia Pherzawl District Headquarters chu sir dingin an ngen a nih.  District thar in a mamaw department 39 hai le thildang tul hai sie (installation) vat dinga ngenna an lo siem tah thu le CM in May17, 2017 hma ngeia a thuthlukna hai sukchieng dingin an ngen bakah Pherzawl District HQ chu hmun danga sawn lo ding, mini-secretariat le district level office hrim hrim hai chu district HQ ah an nghat ngei ding thu hai an tarlangsa bawk a nih. An thusuok siem chu a hnuoia ang hi a nih.

13th May, 2017

Appreciation & Urgent Request to Manipur Chief Minister

We are pleased to acknowledge the quick initiatives taken  by Chief Minister Pu N. Biren Singh's government in a short span of time. We also appreciate how his government immediately signed an MoU with the agitating tribals of Churachandpur district on May 10, 2017, to end the logjam over the three "anti-tribal bills passed by the Manipur Assembly. While we are happy to note that the mortal remains of the eight people would be finally laid to rest, the Pherzawl Development Demand Committee is hopeful  that these steps will bring lasting peace and quicken development works for the entire region.

Invitation to Chief Minister To Visit Pherzawl District HQ

Having seen Pu Biren's commitment towards development for all parts of Manipur - be it in Kangpokpi  and other  hill districts - the Pherzawl District Development Committee is pleased to hold a reception for him at the district headquarters at the earliest. We want to inform the Chief Minister that we are committed to development and he has a partner in PDDC and the people of the district.

However, we do have one special request: The Honourable Chief Minister Pu N. Biren Singh should travel by road to Pherzawl District HQ and he will understand why we the people of Pherzawl District have been crying for development all these years.

We, the people in a representation to the Chief Secretary on December 24, 2016, had submitted the immediate needs for the district - installation of 39 departments and other requirements - via the Deputy Commissioner of Pherzawl. In pursuance to the matter, the PDDC members accompanied by Honourable Minister (Vety) Pu V. Hangkhanlian, met Chief Minister Pu N. Biren Singh at his residence in Imphal on April 8, 2017. We submitted a memorandum to highlight the needs of the district. However, nothing has been done  to address our genuine demands. As a result, we are left with a common question which our people often asked: Are successive Manipur governments giving step-motherly treatment to the people of the remote areas bordering Mizoram?  We, the PDDC, will be answerable to the people, but will the new Manipur government do nothing  about Pherzawl District and watch its own decay? We appeal once again, through the media, to the Chief Minister to make his decision clear by May 17, 2017.

And, on the issue of Pherzawl District HQ, the government should not take any steps to shift anywhere, other than Pherzawl. The mini-secretariat and all district level office should be
located at the district HQ. We want to make this very clear: These points are non-negotiable and any attempt to do so will be met with suitable actions and the PDDC will not be held responsible for any fallout - however extreme they may be.

We are also aware of the SPECIAL PACKAGES given to Kangpokpi District and other districts created at the same time as Pherzawl District. While, we are happy for the people of these districts, we appeal to the Chief Minister to grant the same facilities for all districts, including Pherzawl District - which in fact is the least developed district in Manipur.

Issued by

Public Relations,
Pherzawl District Development Committee.

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