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BSN, muolvaiphei ah B.Sc Nursing inchuk thei ta ding

Friday, May 20, 2016

/ Published by VIRTHLI
CCPur, May 20, 2016 (VIRTHLI): Bethesda School of Nursing (BSN) Muolvaiphei, Churanchandpur chun B. Sc. Nursing course inchuk theina dingin Indian Nursing Council (INC) chun phal alo pek tah. Phalna an pekna dungzuiin tuta Academic Year 2016-2017 a ding hin B. Sc. Nursing seat 30 chen an nei thei ding a nih.

Bethesda School of Nursing (BSN) Muolvaiphei hi Indian Nursing Council (INC) haiin khan  a upgrade a ni thei dan ding le inzawmin inspection an lo hung thaw ta hrim a nia, iengkim infrastructure, lekha pawimaw, teaching faculty le a dang dang enfelna neiin an hmudan hai INC ah an peklut a nih.

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