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Cabinet meeting in SoO hun kum 1 in a suksei

Saturday, August 30, 2014

/ Published by VIRTHLI
Imphal, August 30, 2014 (HT) : Zani zingkar khan Manipur CM O.Ibobi Singh inrawinain Manipur Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Imphal-ah Cabinet meeting nei a nih. Cabinet meeting zova Manipur sawrkar spokesman le Education Minister M. Okendro Singh chun, KNO le UPF han sawrkar le Suspension of Operation (SoO) an lo ziek hun chu kum khat sung suksei nawk a remti bakah Medical Officers Grade-II 579 lak a remtih tiin Chanchinbumihai an hmupui huna a hril. SoO hun hi August 22, 2014 nia lo tawp ta a nih. Cabinet remtina angin SoO hun chu kum khat sunga dinga suksei a lo ni tah.

Army, KNO le UPF hai chun August 1, 2005 a SoO hi an lo ziek ta a nih. UPF hnuoia helpawl group tum tum 15 haia cadres 1094 le KNO hnuoia group tum tum 7 a cadres 1004 an um a nih.

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