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Manipur Class X & XII result a suok vat ta ding

Thursday, May 8, 2014

/ Published by Simon L Infimate
Imphal, May 6, 2014: Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BSEM) hnuoia 20 Feb -14 March, 2014 sunga Class X/ HSLC Examination,2014 um chu 15 May, 2014 velin result puong ding thu dawng a ni a, Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur (COHSEM) hnuoia 17 Feb-15 March, 2014 sunga Class XII/Hr. Secondary Examination, 2014 chu May, 2014 kar nuhnung tienga result suok hman dinga besei a nih. Nikum 2013 khan Class X/HSLC result kha May 20 in a suok a, Class XII/HSE chu May 22 in a result puong hman a nih.

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